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Client Stories: training female Maasai leadership

4 min reading time

Summer 2023, three trainers from The Speech Republic traveled to the Nice Place Foundation to train the next cohort of future female leaders from the Maasai community. 

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What is storytelling?

Do you know the program: 'Ik vertrek'? Week after week we see a Dutch... 6 min. reading time

Client Stories: Storytelling for Social Change

The Speech Republic team flew to South Africa to facilitate a 'Storytelling... 4 min reading time

Client Stories: training female Maasai leadership

Summer 2023, three trainers from The Speech Republic traveled to the Nice Place... 4 min reading time

Freedom and authenticity

Trump? I would never train that one. But he does sometimes really say what's on his mind,.... 5 min reading time

Four 'tricks' to be more authentic on stage

Last Friday, I got to spend twenty minutes on new stand-up comedy material... 11 min. reading time

Perspective changes everything

'Once upon a time there were six blind travelers who on their life's journey came up against six... 5 min reading time

Beyond the expectation

I don't know about you guys, but I always get a little recalcitrant.... 5 min reading time

The Tilbury speech of Queen Elizabeth I

An ME-SOMETHING-YOU analysis of the Tilbury speech by Queen Elizabeth I. Click here.... 5 min reading time

You do that well! The power of the compliment

Imagine this: sales are not doing well, your team's targets... 4 min reading time

Historical Speeches - The Challenger Address

President Ronald Reagan once said that it is easy to make a speech... 4 min reading time

Winter series - historical speeches

The Queen's annual Christmas speech is one of the many traditions that... 5 min reading time

Step into the future

In order to create real magic in your communications, it is essential to... 5 min reading time

Humor creates connection!

Barack Obama has only just left and already I am watching with a sense of... 4 min reading time