“Communication is our human superpower. It can be your weapon of choice to convey your vision, plan, idea, goal or ambition. Your way to connect with others, inspire and activate them. Your communication can change someone's world.”

Maartje van Bavel, owner The Speech Republic

Everyone tells stories all day long. Little stories, about what you did yesterday and plan to do tomorrow. Big stories, about how you think the world works. Stories to yourself: that inner voice that tells you who, what and why you are. Stories against others that you want to bring into your dreams. Stories about the groups within which we live and work.

We do this for a reason: communication is our human superpower. It can be a weapon of choice to convey your vision, plan, idea, goal, or ambition. Your way to connect with others, inspire and activate them. Your communication can change someone's world.

At The Speech Republic, it is always about change. Whether you are working towards a specific talk, want to bring a story to life within your organization or want to fundamentally strengthen your own leadership and communication style – you want to move, inspire and activate others with your message. Our focus is always on the purest, most personal and oldest form of communication: the spoken word between one person to another.

Everybody has an innate talent to communicate. But that talent needs to be developed to use it to its full potential. Communication may be natural, but it does not always come naturally. As much as we might want to, impactful communication cannot be captured in a set of instrumental rules and structures. Impact is not about tricks, but about courage and authenticity. We are all about empowering a speaker based on the following elements:  

Yourself: Allowing others to see you.
Your message: Really saying something that matters.
Your audience: Inspiring and activating others.

The answer to have more impact on stage is not to found in tricks or gimmicks. It is to be found in authencity.
For example, if you want to appear relaxed on stage, you must be at ease and feel confident. If you want to be powerful, your message needs to be strong. If you want to be authentic, you cannot pretend to be someone else. If you want a different future, you need to speak up and dare to share your vision. If you want to be inspirational, you need to feel inspired. Impactful communication demands a lot. Your courage. Your time. Your attention. Your self-reflection. But the pay-off of your hard work can be amazing. Because a story that touches hearts and minds, is a story that beats everything.

The Speech Republic. Stories that beat.

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And then...All of a sudden you become an Olympic Champion and they want to hear stories about how you achieved your success. A few years after I became Olympic Champion, I came across The Speech Republic and they taught me that presenting is not about what you say, but about how your audience receive and feel your message. I spent hours and hours with The Speech Republic making my story even better for my audience. And I continue to benefit from it to this day.

Maarten van der Weijden Olympic swimming champion

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

Mahatma Gandhi

Indian revolutionary

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