Every trajectory is tailor-made: each program is adjusted to your ambitions, your audience and your goal. But we always train based on our following three pillars:

  • Asset-based
  • Experiential
  • Inside out

If you want to know what these vague and abstract words actually mean, keep on reading!

1. Asset-based

Your own strengths and talents as a communicator are your starting point. In every training program, we will challenge, stretch and - above all - encourage you to discover the best version of yourself. You will take a massive step outside your comfort zone. Does that mean a lot of criticism? No, the opposite! It means we will encourage and challenge you. You will experiment and research in order to unleash your (un)discovered potential. And we will celebrate every step of the way.

2. Experiential

Research shows that you learn better, deeper, and more effectively through experience. That's why we have taken a radical approach between theory and experience. We are not just going to talk about it, you are going to experience it yourself. There is no sitting back! You will get challenging exercises and experiments. You will discover what makes you the most impactful communicator. During every training, you will spend a lot a time on the training stage. That stage works like a magnifying glass and is therefore crucial to maximise your growth. 

3. Inside out

How do we help you find your story? By letting you discover and experience it for yourself. Because the key to an impactful story, is that it is your story. Nobody can write it for you. Nobody can tell it for you. And it can’t just exist on paper. With us, you will always do your own exploring to find out your own unique and most impactful story and communication style.

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“This is the best communication training ever! Besides surprising insights, it provides useful tools for conveying your message in both a striking and impactful way. Plus, it stays away from tricks and let you stay true to yourself.”

Karin Polman | Managing Director Florius at ABN AMRO Bank N.V. | Supervisory Board HDN | Board member Leading Ladies ABN AMRO

Followed In depth: Presentations & Storytelling training

“This course made me aware how I can connect with my audience and take them to a place where they can really hear my message and act upon it.”

Dr. Nanke Verloo | Universitair Docent Urban Planning aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam

Prepared the Slingelandt lecture in 3 sessions

Give your career a new direction
at The Speech Republic.

Storytelling expert

Do you understand the prerequisites of an impactful story?

We are looking for the new kind of storytelling experts to strengthen our growing team of coaching professionals. If your unusual background has taught you what a story needs to move others, you might just be the one we are looking for.

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