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The power of leadership

As a leader, your impact depends to a large extent on your ability to get your message across. Communication can make goals tangible, values manifest and visions come alive. Therefore, your message needs to come across during all imaginable communication moments. 
Impactful communication demands a lot. It demands courage, empathy, creativity, self-knowledge, being fully present – all qualities that strengthen you as a communicator and as a leader. That's why great leadership and great communication are inseparable. When you strengthen the one, you also strengthen the other.

About the program

In this immersive program, you will be guided and challenged by your coach to take a deepdive in your unique qualities as a communicator and how to enlarge those qualities to achieve your ambition. 
This means that the program is always tailored to your needs. Themes we might explore: how you can truly connect with others. How you can show your personal stories and passion. How you can convey your vision in a powerful way so that it has lasting impact. How you can and dare to take a stand. How you can inspire and motivate others. Your leadership communication will grow exponentially during this program.

"People don't want more information. They are up to their eyeballs in information. They want faith - faith in you, your goals, your success, in the story you tell."
- Annette Simmons



€9,800- ex. VAT


6 sessions of 3 hours each + time for assignments inbetween the sessions. Duration of 2-6 months.

The price includes everything, from your personal starting kit, the intake, the sessions itself to catering. We work with a 100% impact guarantee. If you are not content, you will not be invoiced. 

About the program

The sessions
Feedforwards and assignments

The sessions

You will experience this program as a combination between coaching and training. Every session, every homework assignment, everthing is tailor-made. We will look at the qualities that you bring with you as a communicator and challenge you to unleash your best self. We are not just going to talk about it, you are going to experience it yourself. So you will discover what works for you. You will make spectacular progress in your leadership communication.


Your program begins with an intake. Your own personal kick-off! You will digitally meet your coach and discuss your goals and ambitions. 
Afterwards, you can straightaway start on the assignment for your first session. 

Feedforwards and assignments

You will want to translate what happens during the training into practice and consolidate it for the future. So after every session, your coach will send you a feedforward and a follow-up assignment after every session. This way you will always have an overview of your entire progress. 


Once you have completed this program, you will have a (online) meeting with your coach. In that sesson, you will reflect on your lessons learned and you have been implementing them in your daily life.  

Don't just take our word for it,
see what our stage heroes say.

"I truly feel the difference. I share my words with brighter colors and connect more with people. And it has a big effect: I notice it in the response I get. That is the ultimate goal, that something chances in the organization."

Bianca Knispel
CEO OHRA / Director P&C and Health NN / Supervisory Board KNSB
Volgde het traject leiderschapscommunicatie

"An immersive program where I learned a lot about myself. It was never about learning gimmicks or tricks, it was about believing in my own strength that allows me to inspire people."

Monique Schutrups
Algemeen directeur Aquilum groep
Volgde een fundamenteel traject leiderschapscommunicatie

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