Training at The Speech Republic is about daring to be you, even in difficult circumstances. Once you can do that on a stage, it becomes easier in other, less vulnerable places too. That's my ongoing fascination with the stage and that's why I started Speech Republic.

For me, The Speech Republic is about adventure. Because playing safe just doesn't work on stage and will never lead to interesting stories. Outside of work, I also seek out adventure, whether it’s kite surfing, motorcycling or jumping into canals in winter. Real adventure, but in a more or less safe way. That is also what you, as a client, can expect from us.

I'm profoundly optimistic. I truly believe that the world is heading in the right direction, even if it's sometimes hard to see. I see it in my children – the next generation is already so much more open and tolerant than my own. I also bring my cheerfulness and optimistic attitude to life into the training room. I am happy if you learn something and we both have a good time.

Get inspired by Bas Mouton

The future doesn't belong to the fainthearted. It belongs to the brave.

Ronald Reagan

in the Challenger address

Simply the best movies ever made.

Back to the Future

part I, II and III

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We are moving to a world of abundance

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"First and foremost, it's about having fun, and only then about the results."