Everything in life is interpreted through stories. Take something as simple as your socks: Are they an expression of your creativity, or of your love for comfort? Do they tell a story about personal identity, or social hierarchies, or globalization, fast fashion or environmental pollution? Or all of the above? I can help you explore these different perspectives. Because you can always turn everything on its head to see what it looks like.

Which story do you want to tell? Which story is helpful or even crucial for the change you have in mind? You have the power to define reality with the stories you tell. A power that lies in stories you tell others and in the ones you tell yourself. 

Who are you in relation to others, to the world, to a Bigger Story? What do you actually do and why? What is your vision of an ideal world, of a future to strive for? What is your story? 

I don’t believe there are final answers to these questions, but there is a dance of perspectives that is very powerful. I let you play around with those viewpoints to help you get to the stories that are both helpful and true, to help you define the world that you live in.

Panta Rei - everything flows. Everything changes, but at the same time it remains whole.

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Tatsuya Tanaka

Making fascinating miniature worlds that play with your perspective

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Sometimes wisdom is simply found on the streets.

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In the first two chapters of Sapiens, Harari explores humans' unique narrative powers and the concept of imagined realities. Everything you need to know about how stories can influence us.

Sapiens by Yuval Harari

Must read!

Must read!

“You can determine your relationship to everything through stories. It's up to you whether you let those stories behelpful or harmful."