Only people who are true believers in the power of stories work at The Speech Republic. And I'm the mother superior. Partly because I'm the oldest, but mostly because I'm the one who makes sure that everything runs smoothly. I am responsible for planning, the pantry, packages for clients etc. I push back when the visionaries get too far ahead of the troops. And I think about adding your license plate to our parking system even before you know you're coming by car.

The Speech Republic is a bit of a crazy company. We train at the highest echelons around the world, but the atmosphere here is informal. We have a wide reach, but we actually are just a small club. And everyone who works here is a little bit crazy. Or perhaps I should say, passionate. It's great to work with all that energy and passion. As a client, you will feel that too.

My passion is planning, in my professional and private life alike. Scheduling six three-hour sessions when your calendar is already overbooked? Just leave it to me. The yearly tennis tournament: 500 people, 9 days, 9 tennis courts including a party at the end, in a fairy-tale theme? Just leave it to me. Solving organizational puzzles is what I love to do. I'm the woman behind the scenes. Whether it is at the tennis club or at The Speech Republic, for our trainers or for our clients like you – I take care of it all so that you can focus on your own development.

That doesn't mean I never take the stage. I have a walk-in closet at home with only costumes to celebrate Carnival. You could call me a one-woman carnival association. I never throw anything away. Because a large cardboard tube might turn into a giraffe's neck. Or a rocket. As I already said, everyone who works here is a little bit crazy.


Get inspired by Bianca Otten

As the mother of two children – now both in their early thirties – this movie really touched me. The drama of the war and then having to choose between your two children – inhumane!

Sophie's Choice


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The only movie where I thought it was better than the book. Brilliant acting by Jack Nicholson.

One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest


Just the funniest series ever, have seen every episode at least 20 times.



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"Life's a party and I'll be there to put up thedecorations for you"