van Wijck

Take a good look around you and see that everything has a story. There are stories lurking inside you that an audience can enjoy, or learn from, and dream about. I love to lure those stories out of hiding. 

Stories allow your audience to imagine something bigger than themselves and their immediate environment. A story can create groups and movements. It can move your audience towards action. It's up to you to decide what that story should be.

This is really not possible!
I am studying in Istanbul and I have started a band. We are about to perform at a very official ceremony at a NATO base somewhere in eastern Turkey. Then, a Turkish soldier interrupts our rehearsal. That electric guitar! Too much noise! All those dignitaries surely require a much more subtle sound! Then an F-16 takes off in front of us, with much roar. You can no longer hear that we play acoustically.

Sometimes, reality is already a great story. Absurdism, humor, tension, relief… Often the scenes play out in front of you already. You just share them after the event and the great stories emerge.

But…..just share them? Telling stories can be very challenging! Where should you begin? How do you find the point and stick with it? How do you make it relevant? Don't worry. I will help you and be the best test audience possible. With an open view and broad interests. I'm a fan of Hannah Arendt and LegoMasters. I love thunder and that one specific color between orange and red. I met the father of my child at a pub quiz.

Remember, most people are actually quite willing to listen. But you have to make it happen. Impact requires courage, honesty, creativity, and vulnerability. I can provide you with a safe space to practice. If possible, with lots of laughter. If necessary, with much too much noise.

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