van Bavel

I always root for the risk-takers. The people like you, who follow an ambition together with their organization. Who go all out for their dream client. Who express their vision and ideas on big issues like climate change or the refugee problem. Creating change through your communication is a huge superpower. I love to amplify that power, because I never want to let the bad guys win.

As a child I wanted to work for Doctors Without Borders. I was inspired by the impact that these people have in the lives of others. However, I soon discovered that my passion wasn’t tied to medicine as such, but to make a difference. To strengthening impact makers and their stories. As a child, I could never have imagined that one day, I would have a successful company doing exactly that. 

I believe you can't capture all of life in a single story. That is why I embrace contrasts: from riding alone on horseback through Mongolia to a weekend on Terschelling with my whole family. From being vegetarian out of principle to flying three times a year. From enjoying a podcast about the brain to bingewatching all Modern Family episodes..not once, but twice! I love all stories of life, and I really want to capture them all.

That applies to our clients' stories – your stories – too. I get immense pleasure from observing the world we create on stage. Entrepreneurs, politicians, idealists, doctors, leaders. From this country and from abroad. I learn from you and I challenge you. Because I believe when speaking, thinking, feeling and doing are aligned, that's where you’ll find happiness. That's how you make an impact. That's where you bring about change.

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