Dare to claim your own story. My personal experience has shown me what you reap when you do just that. It is the thing that every leader aspires to…authenticity. 

I will observe and listen to you, without judgment, and from a position of sincere curiosity. About who you are and what you aspirations are as a leader, in order to find your own voice

"Life is full of pluses and minuses", and my journey has proved no exception to this rule. Always perform and achieve the highest goals, only settle for the best results, do not disappoint others. Just a few of the principles that have shaped me as a person. They provided me with a solid foundation that has brought me a lot in life: two master's degrees in six years, presenting on national TV, but also deciding to live on my own before getting married - which is quite unusual in my culture.

But none of this defines me. They're just chapters in my journey. And what makes this journey endlessly interesting is that the story continues to write itself. It's never done. And that's how I like to look at my clients in the training room. From the unlimited and unique potential that you embody, I want to challenge you. To not 'settle' for the familiar story, for the one you already know too well. There is always more to the story – more potential to tap into, more depth to explore. It would be a waste to ignore it. Authenticity doesn't come cheap, but without it, there is no real change.

Get inspired by Monique Baidjnath-Badloe

Merchant Aladdin

"Like so many things, it is not what's outside, but what is inside that counts."

"In my opinion, storytelling is an essential skill for everyone in a leadership position. It allows you to lead authentically by finding your own voice and your stories. Monique helped me to find my authenticity and helped me feel more confident in sharing my personal story. She's is a strong and powerful communicator herself, very creative and has a great focus on you as a person."

Ekin Hayat Managing Partner/CEO Peak4

Freedom and authenticity

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"You're a micro display  of the cosmos. Start acting like it! "