"That’s such a rare quality," I say enthusiastically. My dutch speaking (CEO) client starts to laugh out loud. "That's not exactly the right word, but I know what you mean," he responds with a smile. We've broken the ice. And note to self: the word ‘raar’ in Dutch doesn’t have the the same meaning as ‘rare’ in English.

A stage is a nerve wrecking place. As a former television journalist, I know it better than anyone. But I also know through experience that what makes us human – our imperfections – can help us overcome stage fright and conquer our stage. Because business might be serious, but we don’t always have to take ourselves so seriously. And by the way, being "perfect" has a negative effect on your credibility. So, goodbye perfection, hello authenticity!

As a multicultural, South-African Dutchie, people have always fascinated me. What drives us, what brings us together and the moments when we are at our most powerful. With all our rough edges. Because it's at those times that we have the greatest impact. And who doesn't want that as a communicator? It doesn't mean that it's easy, or comfortable. But growth begins where our comfort zone ends.. And my specialism is helping you to step beyond your comfort zone, in service of your own communication and personal growth ambitions.

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"It's not about being perfect on stage ... it's about being real."