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speaker (to be)

The spotlight is yours!

You have a story to tell to the world. You are eager to share your unique experience or vision with others. In fact, you believe that your idea can make the world a slightly better place. You want to take the stage not with learned tricks and gimmicks, but with authenticity, pleasure and confidence.

You have a story to tell and it is time for the next level. You already have a fire burning inside you and you want set it ablaze! You want to take the professional stage in the Netherlands and beyond and we can help you like no other with that ambition!

About the program

We will work on elements like your stage presence, your story, and how to captivate your audience. No one is the same, every story is different. There is no overall blueprint for this program.
But, together with your coach, you are going to discover and create the stageworthy version of you and your story. Whatever your starting point, with our expertise we can take your story to that next level. Do we need extra forces from outside, like a brainstorm with a theatre director or top Powerpoint designer? Then, we will bring them in!



"The only reason to give a speech is to change the world."
- John F. Kennedy



€9,800- ex. VAT


6 sessions of 3 hours each + time for assignments inbetween the sessions. Duration of 2-6 months.

The price includes everything, from your personal starting kit, the intake, the sessions itself to catering. We work with a 100% impact guarantee. If you are not content, you will not be invoiced. 

About the program

The sessions
Feedforwards and assignments
External experts

The sessions

You can see this program as a combination between training and coaching. Every session, we strenghten you as a speaker and your story. Together with your coach, you are going to discover and create the stageworthy version of you and your story. 

Every program is customized. But our approach is always the same. We don't believe in gimmicks or tricks. We don't care what you do with your hands or how high or low your voice 'should' be. We look at the qualities that you, as a speaker, have to offer. And challenge you to unleash your best self. You're going to experiment with exercises on the training stage. So you'll get to discover what works for you.


Your program begins with an intake. Your own personal kick-off! You will digitally meet your coach and discuss your goals and ambitions.
Afterwards, you can straightaway start on the assignment for your first session.

Feedforwards and assignments

You will want to translate what happens during the training into practice and consolidate it for the future. So after every session, your coach will send you a feedforward and a follow-up assignment after every session. This way you will always have an overview of your entire progress. 

External experts

We will do everything to turn your story into the best story. To do this, we sometimes need to call in external expertise. This might mean a brainstorm with an artistic director, a top Powerpoint designer or a mindfulness coach. Then, we can bring them in! 


The proof of the pudding is in the eating. So you will present your story to a try-out audience. Followed by a final session to dot the i's and cross the t's. 

Don't just take our word for it,
see what our stage heroes say.

"Together with The Speech Republic, we worked on my story meticulously so it could truly resonate with my audience. I continue to benefit from it to this day."

Maarten van der Weijden
Olympisch zwemkampioen
Werkte aan zijn theatercollege ‘Beter: Olympisch Kampioen na Kanker’.

"I went back to the drawing board with The Speech Republic, back to the beginning. Back to the why, the reason I want to share my story. What is my message? For whom is it relevant? And what is the best way of conveying it? A lot of intensive sessions were needed to get all the answers, but what a party it was!" 

Esther Vergeer
Olympisch kampioen rolstoeltennis
Werkte aan haar podiumverhaal

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